Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crowd Sourcing for Society Outreach Grants

Our upcoming Archaeology Day event is once again made possible by an Outreach Grant from the national Archaeological Institute of America. The AIA’s Outreach Grant Program was designed to help local societies to fulfill the AIA's mission of educating the public about the significance of archaeological discovery by  planning and implementing outreach activities beyond the free lectures already provided to our local community. The Minnesota society has benefitted from this grant 4 years in a row, allowing us to support and celebrate the work of MN graduate and undergraduate students on International Archaeology Day. It has been wonderful to see this event grow as we share the variety of interesting projects that Minnesota students are working on. Sadly, the program is in danger of disappearing without more support, so the national AIA has launched a crowdsourcing campaign with a goal of raising $11,000 and we hope that you will help the AIA meet that goal by making a (tax-deductible!) contribution in any amount.

Please visit the campaign page below, and share with all of the archaeology lovers you know!

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