Monday, November 2, 2009

New Lecture: The Politics of Archaeology in Modern China

If you missed Lothar von Falkenhausen's fascinating lecture on Chinese Bronzes - or want to hear more - he will give an additional public lecture on Monday, Nov. 2. Macalester College (4:45 – 6:00, ART 113, Macalester College) on The Politics of Archaeology in Modern China:

The practice of archaeology in China today is inseparable from its sociopolitical conditions. This lecture explores the agenda of archaeologists and their sponsors since the introduction of modern scientific archaeology into China during the 1920s, and the continuing frictions between this modern archaeology and traditional antiquarianism and text-based historiography. The ongoing contention over the interpretation of archaeological artifacts forms part of a passionate debate about cultural self-identification and China’s place in the modern world.

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