Thursday, January 22, 2009

Schuler lecture at Concordia

AIA-MN is pleased to announce a lecture by local archaeologist Dr. Mark Schuler, Professor of Theology and Greek at Concordia University. Schuler will discuss his excavations at Sussita, the ancient site of Hippos, one of the cities of the Decapolis, located 2 kilometers east of the Sea of Galilee. Founded by the Seleucids, the city continued as a major urban center throughout the Roman and Byzantine periods until being destroyed by an earthquake in 749 CE. Highlights of the city uncovered in excavations include the Decumanus Maximus, public and domestic quarters, and a temple complex.

The lecture will be held at the E.M. Pearson Theater at Concordia University in St. Paul at 6:00 on Thursday, February 5th. Thanks to Concordia for hosting this event!

AIA members are invited to join the speaker and local society officers for dinner after the talk. Please RSVP to Kate Larson if you are interested.

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